Intel Cluster Edition 19.01

This section provides the instructions to build Intel Parallel Studio 2019 Update 1 based on the Centos 7 distribution: Intel Parallel Studio provides a complete environment to build an optimised appication, since it features compilers, communication and mathematical libraries.

Please note that the Intel license prevents the redistribution of the software, therefore the license file needs to be available locally on the system where you are building the image: the license file is called intel_license_file.lic in the example Dockerfile provided below and it will be copied inside the container during the installation.

Furthermore, you need to create a local configuration file with the instructions required to proceed with the silent installation of Intel Parallel Studio: the name of the file is intel19.01_silent.cfg in the example below and it will provide the installation of the Intel C, C++ and Fotran Compiler together with the Intel MPI library and the Intel MKL.

Container image and Dockerfile

The starting point is the official image of CentOS 7: on top of that image, you need to install the required build tools and proceed with the silent installation of the Intel compiler.

FROM centos:7

SHELL ["/bin/bash", "--login", "-c"]

RUN yum install -y cpio

WORKDIR /usr/local/src

# install Intel Compiler and Intel MPI
COPY intel_license_file.lic /opt/intel/licenses/USE_SERVER.lic
ADD intel19.01_silent.cfg .
ADD parallel_studio_xe_2019_update1_cluster_edition_online.tgz .

RUN cd parallel_studio_xe_2019_update1_cluster_edition_online \
    && ./ --ignore-cpu -s /usr/local/src/intel19.01_silent.cfg

RUN echo -e "source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64 \nsource /opt/intel/mkl/bin/ intel64 \nsource /opt/intel/impi/2019.1.144/intel64/bin/ release" >> /etc/profile.d/ \
    && echo -e "/opt/intel/lib/intel64 \n/opt/intel/mkl/lib/intel64 \n/opt/intel/impi/2019.1.144/intel64/lib \n/opt/intel/impi/2019.1.144/intel64/lib/release \n/opt/intel/impi/2019.1.144/intel64/libfabric/lib \n/opt/intel/impi/2019.1.144/intel64/libfabric/lib/prov" > /etc/ \
    && ldconfig

Please note that using the login shell will source the profile files and therefore update the paths to retrieve compiler executables and libraries: however it will have an effect only on the commands executed within the Dockerfile, serving as a reminder to use it when building applications with the Intel image.

The instructions above will copy the local license file intel_license_file.lic to /opt/intel/licenses/USE_SERVER.lic, since the license file of the example will use a server to authenticate: please check that the address of the nameserver provided in DOCKER_OPTS will be able to resolve the name of the license server and that it is consistent with the nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf.

The following silent configuration file provides a minimal list of the Intel COMPONENTS necessary for the installation: the advantage of the minimal list is the reduced amount of disk space required while building the image:


The docker command line used to build the Intel image described in the Dockerfile above (save it as intel19.01-cuda10.1.docker) is the following: ` docker build --network=host -f intel19.01-cuda10.1.docker -t intel:19.01-cuda10.1 . ` The command line argument --network=host sets the networking mode for the RUN instructions during the build phase to match the host network configuration.