Native glibc hook

Sarus's source code includes a hook able to inject glibc libraries from the host inside the container, overriding the glibc of the container.

This is useful in case that we need to upgrade the container's glibc to a newer version. For example, when we want to inject a host's library inside the container (e.g. MPI), but the host's library relies on a newer glibc than the container's one.

When activated, the hook will enter the mount namespace of the container, search for dynamically-linkable glibc libraries and replace them with functional equivalents bind-mounted from the host system.

In order for the replacements to work seamlessly, the hook does the following:

  • Compare glibc versions of host and container. The container's libraries are only replaced when they are older than the host's libraries.

  • Check ABI compatibility between host and container glibc. Host and container glibc libraries must have the same soname for the replacement to take place.

If an ABI-compatible counterpart for a host library cannot be found in the container, the host library will be added to the container's filesystem.

Hook installation

The hook is written in C++ and it will be compiled when building Sarus without the need of additional dependencies. Sarus's installation scripts will also automatically install the hook in the $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin directory. In short, no specific action is required to install the glibc hook.

Hook configuration

The program is meant to be run as a prestart hook and does not accept arguments, but its actions are controlled through a few environment variables:

  • LDD_PATH: Absolute path to a trusted ldd program on the host.

  • LDCONFIG_PATH: Absolute path to a trusted ldconfig program on the host.

  • READELF_PATH: Absolute path to a trusted readelf program on the host.

  • GLIBC_LIBS: Colon separated list of full paths to the host's glibc libraries that will substitute the container's libraries.

The following is an example of OCI hook JSON configuration file enabling the glibc hook:

    "version": "1.0.0",
    "hook": {
        "path": "/opt/sarus/bin/glibc_hook",
        "env": [
    "when": {
        "annotations": {
            "^com.hooks.glibc.enabled$": "^true$"
    "stages": ["prestart"]

Sarus support at runtime

The com.hooks.glibc.enabled=true annotation that enables the hook is automatically generated by Sarus if the --glibc or --mpi command line options are passed to sarus run.