AMD GPU hook

The AMD GPU hook provides access to ROCm AMD GPU devices inside the container.

Hook installation

The hook is written in C++ and is compiled when building Sarus without the need for additional dependencies. The Sarus installation scripts automatically install the hook in the $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin directory. Thus, there is no specific action required to install the AMD GPU hook.

Hook configuration

The hook is designed to run as a prestart hook and does not accept any arguments. To enable the AMD GPU hook, use the following example of an OCI hook JSON configuration file:

    "version": "1.0.0",
    "hook": {
        "path": "/opt/sarus/bin/amdgpu_hook"
    "when": {
        "always": true
    "stages": ["prestart"]

It is generally recommended to configure the hook with the "when": {"always": true} condition, as it can automatically determine whether it should take action.

Hook support at runtime

The hook expects to find the following devices:




If the /dev/kfd device is not present, the hook is automatically deactivated.

The hook uses the environment variable ROCR_VISIBLE_DEVICES` to identify the GPU(s) that are made available within the container. If the variable is not present or empty, all GPU(s) are made available within the container. For more information about ROCR_VISIBLE_DEVICES, please refer to the following link: <>